Comparison Of Undaunted Courage And The Captain's Dog

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Lewis and Clark were two people that established our country by going on a risky exploration across America. In the books Undaunted Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose and The Captain’s Dog by Roland Smith their journey gets gets captured even the imperfections. Each of these books capture the story in different ways; perspectives, story, and the different messages they’re getting across. In these two books the perspective differs from facts to the perspective of a dog. In Undaunted Courage the book is told by the perspective of facts which gives you little tidbits date to date. “The next day,July 5,1803, Lewis set off. His purpose was to look for an all-water route across the western two-thirds of the continent, and to discover and describe what jefferson had bought from Napoleon (page 13 Undaunted courage).”The story being told by facts gives the reader many advantages and disadvantages. Reading just facts informs the reader but it also makes the book dry. Through the other book The Captain’s Dog…show more content…
In Undaunted Courage the story is told through facts making the overview blurry at times but informed you throughout. “Clark threw a carrot of tobacco onto the bank, ‘saying to the chief you have told us you are a great man, take this tobacco and shew us your influence by taking the rope from your men and letting go without coming to hostilities (UC Pg. 174).” In Undaunted Courage the story approached in a nonfiction way of facts after facts informing you of every little detail while in The Captain’s Dog they use the facts in the background so the expedition comes to life in the perspective of a dog. “ The Captain spread his blanket on the ground, started a parley, and passed it around. The Chief confirmed that he and his men were from the Shoshone tribe (CD pg.186).” The Captain’s Dog hides the facts which makes the story present but not the

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