Comparison Of Zoos: Myth And Reality

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The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast two article. The articles are “Zoos: Myth and Reality” by Rob Laidlaw and “ Zoos Connect Us to the Natural world” by Michael Hutchins. In Mr Laidlaw's article he believes that animals in zoos are mistreated and do not live up to the propaganda. In Mr Hutchins he believes that zoos are a good place for kids to learn and see exotic animals that you would not be able to see in your everyday lives. Laidlaw believes that the owner of the zoo do not live up to their own word. He tells us that what the zoos say that they do for the animals are not always followed through. For example Laidlaw mentioned that most of the cages that the animals stay in are hard and very uncomfortable. Also the cages do not have the same environment surrounding is the wild. Laidlaw also states that more animals die from being bred in captivity than in the wild. These are just some of the many reasons that Laidlaw put in to his article “Zoos: myth and Reality.” In Hutchins article he states that zoos are a good educational resource for kids. Some article will say that zoos exploit the animals but Hutchin states that some zoos take in hurt animals from the…show more content…
The main difference in these articles is that Laidlaw is aggest zoos and Hutchin is for zoos. Another difference between the two articles is that Laidlaw used more cold hard facts in his writing and Hutchin use more facts that appeal to your heart .One more difference between the two articles is that Hutchin’s use a picture to grasp the heart of the reader and Laidlaw did not. Some of the similarities of the two articles have is they both used a counter argument with their argument. The last similarity is that both articles quot or use AZA ( American Zoo and Aquarium Association) options. These two articles have a lot of similarities and difference, these are just a few of the several similarities and
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