Comparison: Rugby And American Football

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It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference - Bear Bryant. Many different sports are in this world, including soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, but two sports I enjoy watching are rugby and American football. Two sports that so many people love in this world. When you think of football you think of your favorite team. When you think of rugby you can’t think of anything because not many people in the USA watch it or play it. But did you know American football actually evolved from rugby; surprisingly they are very different in clothing, rules, and set up. In sports history, clothing can easily help teammates, supportive fans, and coaches identify who the team players are and what…show more content…
The rules keeps the whole game together or else it will fall apart. Rugby has many rules to it. Receiving points is different from how football players do. In rugby you have to get inside the end zone and get a “try.” A try is when a player gets into the end zone and the player puts the ball on the ground. If they get in between the post, then you receive an additional point. A main thing about rugby is passing, you can only pass back or else you will get fouled which mean you will need to scrum. Scrums are used to start play after minor infringements (knock-ons and forward passes) and when the ball becomes unplayable. Rugby has 2 halves, each 45 minutes and overall around 80…show more content…
Some jersey’s were similar to polo shirts, there team colors are striped on them and they have the number on the back of them. Football players are covered head to toe in padding. In rugby you have to get inside the end zone and get a “try.” You have to run into the end zone and that’s all, but sometimes you can kick it. On each side of the field 15 people guard their territory and on the field they have to stretch across in a line. On a football field offensively you have 11 players and defensively 11 players. Football has a different spectrum than rugby. Rugby is a fun, hardcore sport, and many people in this world that love it better. Football is a fun sport to watch though and it’s fun to play

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