Comparison: The Crusades

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A crusade was a medieval military expedition, there were several created by the Europeans to get back the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries. There were four European crusades talked about; 1st Crusade, 2nd Crusade, 3rd Crusade, and the Children’s Crusade.
The 1st Crusade began in 1096 when Pope Urban II agreed to help take back the Holy Lands of Jerusalem from Muslims or the Turks. There were many battles throughout Western Europe, Byzantine and Islam which were mostly won by Christians. The crusade was typically made up of peasants due to the numbers of soldiers. Even though the peasants weren’t very skilled, it still the job because in 1099 the Christians beat the Turks and took over the Holy Lands. This was a very important crusade because it slowed down the Muslims for a decent amount of time, it brought Christians together, and it changed the lifestyle of many people throughout that time. Victory was
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This was accepted by two very strong leaders, King Louis VII of France and King Conrad III of Germany, therefore creating the 2nd Crusade. The crusade ranged all over, from Anatolia, Egypt, Levant, to the Iberian Peninsula. It was a surprisingly quick crusade which ended in 1149 with Muslims taking over the Holy Lands. This was the beginning of the fall of the Crusade States, the loss also left Jerusalem barely protected.
In 1189 the 3rd Crusade, also known as The Kings’ Crusade, began. This was an attempt by European leaders to regain the Holy Land from Saladin. England, France, and the Roman Empire were to go against The Byzantine Empire, the Empire of Cyprus and Saladin to recapture Jerusalem. The Crusade was based mainly around Levant and Anatolia. The 3rd Crusade ended in 1192 with the Muslims still having control of Jerusalem. It was a very bad war for the Christians, many Christians died which led to the loss of
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