Comparisons Of 'Grendel In The Story Beowulf'

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In the story Beowulf, you see many comparisons being made without even realizing it. For instance the fact that it shows Beowulf and Grendel in battle fighting each other. Grendel being the big nasty monster that hasn't been defeated before and Beowulf being this normal noble man who is willing to face the challenge and fight this monster. This story is one giant use of irony. This is shown in various ways, one being the simple fact that many immortal or great heroes have tried defeating Grendel but none have succeeded but this man "Beowulf" who is a mortal is able to beat Grendel at his own game by ripping his arm off. Something that caught my attention while reading this was the use of the term monster. Every time i saw this word i made a
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