Compassion During The Holocaust

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Compassion is an act. It can be shown in many different ways. Compassion can be used towards anyone, whether it’s a family member or a complete stranger. When a person shows compassion to someone else, they show sympathy. People do this to show that they care about what the other person is going through. Showing concern for the people who are going through a hard time. Being there for whatever the person in trouble needs. Elie Wiesel was talking about compassion because he felt that there was a need to provide hope. There were many people that endured so much loss and pain and suffering during the holocaust. They felt like giving up. Elie wanted to provide hope and strength to those that needed it in the form of compassion. This…show more content…
It not only taught me about the way others treat each other, but it also changed the way I will treat others in life going on. People as a whole, have different prejudices and those prejudices can affect how we treat each other and grow as a whole. In life, I believe that accepting everyone for who they are, regardless of race, religion or creed is necessary. America, in itself is a big melting pot. There are many people with different views, backgrounds and heritage’s that need to be respected. We need to respect others and their things as well as they do ours. In the 1940’s, The Jewish people were treated very poorly for something they couldn’t even change. The Germans and Hitler wanted to create what they considered the “perfect race” . Most people did not show compassion towards the Jewish, and in turn allowed and witnessed such tragedies. In the end there weren’t many survivors, but those who did survive were then treated with care and no longer had to suffer. By seeing how much pain the Jewish people had to go through during the Holocaust really made me think about the kind of person I want to be as I go on in life. To be free of hate, and to be full of love and
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