Compassion Elie Wiesel Analysis

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Elie Wiesel was talking about compassion because he wanted to tell his story of how horrible the death camps were.He showed compassion by showing everyone the place that he had to go to and how horrible it was for him and all those people that went in there. He showed compassion by telling his story to the the world and telling everyone how bad it was yo be in the death camps. He talks about compassion in his book, he tells his whole story and how terrible it was to be in the death camps. He was a Holocaust surviver he survived all the hard work and torcher he’s had todo in the death camps. His work showed so many people that everyone has a vioce and they need to use it to stand up together. Compassion means to me is that people care about…show more content…
The red cross hepl people in a house that was on fire and if they didn’t a lot of people would of died. Kids from boston were dying from diseases and if you send money to the hospital or to the kid who you want to help. Someone in the New York pool went to the deep end and almost drowned but my cousin saved him. One of my friends didn’t have money in her acount to buy a lunch so I gave her some of my food because she was really hungry. Another friend of mine was crying because she got bad grade in one of her class so I helped her calm down and get here grade up a little by the next quiz or test. Compassion is a human right yes it is because it shows someone that they care about somthing. Love and compassion are necessites not luxuries without them humanity cannot suvive. People need our compassion for more thaan they need our judgement. It is during the worst time of our lifes that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say that care of you. Human right without responsibility, without a senseof deceny, a sense pf compassion is not good enough for a society. Every human in this world should have a human right and any culture and
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