Compassion Fatigue Study

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that 60% of those with severe burnout were contemplating leaving the nursing profession. In focus, based on the study of Moss, M. et al. (2016), 25-33% of critical care nurses manifested severe signs and symptoms of burn out syndrome specifically emotional exhaustion, lack of personal accomplishment and depersonalization leading the list.
However, burnout is only one of the two factors to determine the vulnerability of health care workers in experiencing a bigger problem: compassion fatigue. For the researcher, nurses enter the profession because they want to make a change to the lives of their patient. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, compassion suggests inherent regard and respect for the other as a fellow human being. But due to
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To the Future Researches, this study may serve as a basis for a customized protocol in addressing compassion fatigue. This may also be use as a springboard to advanced studies concerning the subject being investigated.
Scope and Limitation
This study only focused on critical care nurses in a selected tertiary hospital assigned in units namely the Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Neurovascular Intensive Care Unit, Cardiovascular Unit and Telemetry. This only focused on critical care nurses with compassion fatigue. The study elucidated the lived experiences of critical care nurses experiencing compassion fatigue. Eidetic or descriptive phenomenology alone was not enough to suggest intervention or be a basis for such. It is because it is considered “weak” evidence by some. However, such a study is a great basis for future studies (Polit and Beck 2012).
With the advent of studies about compassion fatigue, the researcher highlighted its effect on the health care facility especially in a critical care setup. With the awareness and the acknowledgement that such phenomenon exist, the human resources and other pertinent offices now have a basis in the creation of policies and events like a breather program to help critical care nurses combat the effects of compassion

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