Compassion Fatigue Research Paper

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Generally, science such as medicine is highly supported by quantitative research and methodology. According to Tinkle & Beaton, “it has been argued that there is an over-valuation of the empirical/quantitative view because it is seen as “true science” (as cited in McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 17). We see this with evidence based practice guidelines in several areas of nursing. For example, at one time, we would treat fever in pediatric patients with aspirin. We since have learned that this puts the child as risk for Reye’s syndrome. When completing research on abstract subjects such as compassion fatigue, utilizing repeatable tools or instruments allows for qualitative information to be gathered and collated in a quantitative manner to support…show more content…
Healthcare systems may not be aware how much nurse burnout is really costing them. As cited by Chang and Chan (2015) emotional exhaustion, a cynical attitude toward others and a decreased sense of personal achievement at work can alter a nurse 's ability to perform his or her job duties at a high level. These symptoms can therefore negatively affect patient care, as nurses critical thinking, and problem solving capabilities may be compromised. This shows that nurses suffering from compassion fatigue may not be giving effective patient care. Nurses experiencing compassion fatigue are also more likely to have an increased number of sick days due to feelings of fatigue and inability to care for others. I know many nurses, including myself, who have had to take “personal days”, away from the bedside, by calling in…show more content…
Imogene King’s goal attainment theory focuses on the importance of the relationship between the nurse and patient along with the impacts it can have on attaining goals. There are many concepts within each system that King believes influence the outcome of the goals. The process of the nurse and patient relationship begins with the nurse. Then the patient along with the nurse both having their own experiences or thoughts on a situation, which can be completely different. This leads to a process of actions and reaction resulting in an interaction. An interaction is the goal directed portion of relationship built upon perception and communication. This leads to a transition, which is when mutually valued, as goals are achieved. Building a nurse-patient relationship with good communication is the key to mutually work towards an attainable goal to improve the patient 's’ health and quality of life. According to King “If nurses with special knowledge and skills communicate appropriate information to clients, mutual goal setting and goal attainment with occur” (as cited in McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 176). Professional nursing symbolizes as a sensible caring, well rounded unique art, to patient
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