Compassionate Intention In Nursing Care

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Compassionate intention comprises the enactment of personal and professional values through behaviour and demonstrating the emotional dimension of caring about another person. This emotional compassionate practice consists of recognising suffering and acting to relieve it. It is said to be an evolutionary basis, making a point in human development when one could think about other 's feelings (Tierney et al., 2017). However, compassion and compassionate intention in nursing practice are complex concepts to grasp. It is thought to be both innate and learned and can be available to self, loved ones, acquaintances, and strangers. Compassion for family and friends is considered to be innate as it serves an evolutionary purpose by helping those on…show more content…
If an abrupt aggression arises in a hospital setting, it is important for healthcare workers to use their interprofessional communication skills, as it is a key component to patient safety and health profession education (Guerra, et al., 2011, pp. 363-369). In order to resolve and achieve an effective interprofessional communication due to the aggressive behaviour the patient is demonstrating, one must understand the process of transactional model of communication. Through this model, health professionals should use the vital component of communication such as verbal, non-verbal and active listening, while displaying signs of compassionate intention for the patient. It is recommended for healthcare workers to obtain all these qualities as, "… they are called upon to communicate sensitive information to patients and families, effectively communicate changes in patients ' condition to physicians and other healthcare workers, and relay vital health information to peers during handoffs"(Farra et al., 2014, pp. 492-496). This overall comes to show that, understanding all the different component that makes up effective communication will benefit the therapeutic relationship between patients and healthcare workers in many

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