Competence Based Curriculum Essay

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Problem
Competence Based Curriculum of students learning is an important component of any education system. The overall aim of CBC is to enhance attainment of educational objectives through meaningful learning. There is a global mistrust of paper and pencil based examination. This kind of assessment is however, criticised for its detrimental effects on students’ learning. Adams (1996) point out that paper and pencil particularly tests and examinations focus on irrelevant concepts that do not impact directly on students’ lives; they encourage superficial, rote learning and negligence of higher order thinking skills such as reasoning, problem solving and independent inquiry. A curriculum can either be content or competent based. A content based curriculum is based on the rote memorization of factual knowledge while competence based curriculum capitalizes on competence based learning which focuses on understanding the concepts, skills and competencies which in turn calls for changes in teaching, learning and assessment approaches (Posner, 1995).
The growing need for education system to
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For successful learning especially under the competence based curriculum, an excellent choice and application of a variety of teaching methods is important. As such, teachers need to be highly proficient in the application of teaching methods necessary to make students’ learning effective (Kafyulilo et al., 2012). Despite the fact that competence based curriculum has been in place in secondary education for ten years now, there is no clear evidence of whether or not there is a junction between Curriculum Policy and Tanzania Competence Base Curriculum. Therefore this paper intended to assess whether there is a Lack of correspondence between Policy and Practice in Implementation of Competence Based Curriculum in Tanzania secondary school to improve quality of secondary

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