Competence, Caring And Character Analysis

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Think of a triangle, each side is a measure of Competence, Caring, or Character. All three sides formulate one's Credibility. How credible you are is a direct correlation to how well you can establish trust. Being able to convey all three components through your words and actions builds good working relationships, which is a must for business communications (Cardon, 2013). Competence relates to your skill set and applicable know-how when it comes to completing on the job tasks and fulfilling work-related duties (Cardon, 2013). Proving that you're capable will make you more reliable, where superiors and coworkers can depend on you to do the work that's assigned to you. Continued success on the job cements your efficiency and effectiveness.…show more content…
Caring is your devotion to seeing the working community, that you're a part of, thrive, as well as its individual members. It is a matter of acting in everyone's best interest and demonstrating your accountability to others (Cardon, 2013). Being empathetic to the concerns and well-being of the company and your colleagues forges strong interpersonal connections. Exhibiting selflessness to the betterment of all denotes the kind of mindset that employers and businesses want in their employees; it, too, is the sort of behavior one wants to see in their peers. Character is a representation of your good moral standing and reputation with those that work with you. Adhering to elevated personal, corporate, and business values establishes integrity (Cardon, 2013). Rectitude within a working environment, especially given today's climate, is one of the surest ways of instilling trust. Which means, honorable and honest interactions and transactions continually strengthens an aspect of…show more content…
Though, Jim's eyes were too affectionate. Having a tendency to roam, our eyes seek that which we find appealing. Like gravity, his eyes had a way of coming back to her. They moved in close to whisper, his arm enveloped her as she visibly relaxed—shoulders slumping. She was put at ease, obviously comfortable with him. Their hands gestured a lot, betraying their enthusiasm. While Jim found cause to touch Pam on the forearm with his free hand, the two of them, rather innocently, briefly clasped hands. Their mouths were turned upward, smiling, through the entirety of the civil interchange, often agape and needing moisture. They were readily able and wiling to actively react to one another with a noticeable
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