Competencies In Classroom Management

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This chapter discusses about classroom management, competencies, problems encountered by the teachers and in-service training for professional development. A classroom teacher has vital role in honing quality education of students. He or she must be equipped with classroom management skills in order to survive in the classroom. The ability to control the student’s behavior is in her hands. He or she has the power to make the classroom a better learning place or a hell for students. A classroom teacher can make a difference on the lives of students for them to succeed by being a good example in everything he or she does. However, a classroom teacher can destroys the students’ lives when he or she mismanages the class or when he or she is not able to provide quality education. Thus, a successful classroom environment is only attained when the teacher knows how to manage misbehaviors of students in a calm and smooth way. Classroom Management A classroom teacher must be knowledgeable not only in the subject that he/she will be teaching but also in classroom management. Classroom management is not an easy thing to do. Teachers who were just new in the profession were always wondering how could they manage their students effectively or how could they manage their classroom adequately? Teachers who planned daily classroom activities are more likely execute their lessons excellently because students’ attention and interest were set the way the teachers expected them to be. A well

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