Inter-Professional Nursing Competencies Paper

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The two competencies addressed in this paper are Inter-professional Collaboration and Patient Centered Care. Following are discussions surrounding these competencies, concepts, terms, and relationships to theory. By addressing the role of nursing in shaping these areas, attention was focused on historical components, professional value. attitudes, and documentation based in evidence. The current areas that are influential in healthcare, such as political, financial, on a national and international levels were inspected.
The application of these competencies such as achievement of skills and knowledge as additions to my personal practice is examined.

Inter-professional Collaboration and Patient centered care

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The AACN realized that nurses could take on increased responsibility as providers, to improve care continuity, outcomes, quality, and safety. This cooperation, and teamwork is performed across healthcare settings to coordinate care, this is a good definition of what Case Management does to assist quality, and is the reason I was attracted to this competency.
Masters prepared nurses are expected to communicate effectively and culturally with the patient, caregivers, families, and the healthcare team, to develop and lead inter-professional teams. We are to be advocates for our value and role as a member and leader of the teams, using collaboration in the design, advising for coordination and evaluation of patient centered care. The masters prepared nurse is expected to realize other professional roles and scopes of practice, mentoring other nurses to form partnerships, and coaching others based on a deep understanding of group dynamics.
Per The American Colleges of Nursing, ”Moving toward an inter-professional model of health professions education will lead to health care improvement and provide the foundation of curricular
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Both American Association of Colleges of Nursing and Quality and Safety Education developed nursing competencies for Nurses.
In The Institute of Medicine report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, this report requesting advanced education for nursing, and improvement in nursing education process.
Nurses today are being asked to participate in quality, to further education, and to develop skills and abilities to lead.
As nurses we need to be competent in many varied areas, information technology, patient centered care, and inter-professional collaboration to mention a few. Leadership skills must encompass providing high quality improvement initiatives, team coordination, culturally responsive oversight and accountability. Ability to understand a business plan, how a healthcare delivery system works, including budgeting, cost/benefit analysis, marketing, and economics.

Achievement of the competencies of Inter-professional Collaboration and Patient centered care will add to the nursing values and standards set forth in Code of Ethics for

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