Competencies In The Hiring Process

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How do you think competencies can be used in the hiring process? Competencies are more of a generic KSAOs such as teamwork or adaptability. Requiring certain competencies during the hiring process will ensure the team members are able to be successful in the position as well as other positions with the same competencies. For example, when hiring for a position that works on projects, a competency requirement would be teamwork. This competency requirement would ensure if the person is hired for the position they would be able to interact with a team successfully. They would also have the skills for other positions with teams. Identifying the competencies model for each position would need to be determined prior to the hiring processing. In the interview process it would be important to identify if they hold the competency required. Question 4 – Evaluate the job analysis procedure used in this case. Is it necessary to do such a thorough analysis? Yes. The thorough job analysis was necessary. The complaint from job applicants of discrimination against women and minorities is reason enough to complete a job analysis. Even if the complaint did not take place a job analysis would have been necessary for…show more content…
A job analyses would determine the job requirements and competencies that are needed for a position that would be used to evaluate all applicants. Applicants with disability and those without a disability would be evaluated using the same job requirements and competencies. A job analyses could also identify areas where reasonable accommodations could allow a disabled applicant the ability to perform essential function of the job. The job analyses would ensure that my company is evaluating all applicants through the same process and same requirements. Creating an equal opportunity
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