Competency Based Education

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The issues of competency based education and training in nursing area becoming one of the challenges by the organization within structured a set of curricular in the nursing college and universities. The curricula is beginning and depends on the institutions in offering effective curriculum within to structure the needs to build students in becoming competent in the workplace (Kouwenhoven, 2010).

Nursing competency based education and training aims to provide competent students through the acquisition of competencies and further organizational development of the students’ competencies. The concept of competency based education is interpreted as a set of generic abilities that beyond knowledge and skills (Infirmary, 2005; Kouwenhoven, 2010).
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It was recognized that nurses’ education and organization needed to provide opportunities for students in order to acquire an appropriate depth and breadth of theoretical knowledge as well as related field and clinical experience in order to provide a sound foundation of nursing in any healthcare setting. Competency based training is focused on the vocational education and training that places emphasis on what a person can do in the workplace as a result of completing a program of training of studies. It’s focused on knowledge acquisition, which is mastering the knowing and doing at the workplace (Raphael, 2004). Mastering both understands the idea that guide to implementing necessary skills. Training is look as a way of acquiring knowledge and skills within the workplace context (Raphael, 2004). It is argued that, the training session provide and teach student nurses to obtain knowledge from clinical staff and supervisor to acquire competence at the workplace. Alainati et al., (2009) argued that, training would have a direct effect on competency. Competence acquisition through training would develop individual competence (Alainati et al, 2009) as well as influencing the trainee nurses’ decision making at the workplace (Hignett and Crumpton, 2005). Thus, a competency-based training system includes more than just training courses related to job performance and it’s identify a new competency in the level of competence required for different levels of performance within a given work

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