Aims Of Special Education Essay

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It is so impressive and wonderful to be a teacher with high proficiency in teaching instruction especially when handling hearing impaired learners. A teachers dream is to be productive that their pupils learned a lot from them and that they have produced key players for our society’s future.
Teachers have the largest single school effect on student performance. Research indicates that the previous demonstration of competence to achieve success is one of the best predictors of future performance in a related role. Competencies may be developed, but they are most powerful when used to select people who are already a good fit for the job.
It has been recognized that building the capacity of teachers and schools to teach pupils with a diverse range of special educational needs is a key to raising the achievement of these pupils. Zepeda (2008) agrees to the premise that to achieve high qualified teachers,
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Considering that it is well planned and at the same time, modified, it is now important that teachers carry it in teaching children with special needs. Teachers make adjustments when encountered problems that is most likely the difficulties of learners. Planned techniques are analyzed and provide more improvements. To accomplish the aims of special education, the teacher must be informed and prepared to examine the efficacy of his own procedures in the class, and ready to evaluate factors outside the classroom which can best promote effective living and materials in his pupils. Teachers training for special education should be founded on a scientific basis and that teachers in training should have direct experiences. Before the teacher will handle children with special needs, he or she must condition him or herself in order not to be shocked. They have to be aware of readiness in taking all the
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