Competency In Education

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It is so impressive and wonderful to be a teacher with high proficiency in teaching instruction especially when handling hearing impaired learners. A teachers dream is to be productive that their pupils learned a lot from them and that they have produced key players for our society’s future.
Teachers have the largest single school effect on student performance. Research indicates that the previous demonstration of competence to achieve success is one of the best predictors of future performance in a related role. Competencies may be developed, but they are most powerful when used to select people who are already a good fit for the job.
It has been recognized that building the capacity of teachers and schools to teach pupils with a diverse range of special educational needs is a key to raising the achievement of these pupils. Zepeda (2008) agrees to the premise that to achieve high qualified teachers, it falls to school leaders to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers that build their capacity to teach ways that are congruent with contemporary understanding about learning, use assessment to inform teaching and meet differing needs. Teachers must once reflect how they are with their teaching. They need to understand and address their strengths and weaknesses using a list of competencies. Not all teachers have the same level of competence in all areas but with this study, teachers of hearing impaired learners will realize the competency they lack

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