Competency In Higher Education

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Competency is the “standard of performance” is now expected from academicians to operate more strategically and efficiently. Hence competency mapping has become more emphasized. However empirical research has a gap between theory and practices. The conceptual framework for the study was arrived at after incorporating major construct previously identified in the literature. This paper seeks to identify the gap between the actual competencies and required competencies for the faculty to function at its best. This paper makes an attempt to explore competencies required for teachers in higher education sector and its impact on job engagement. The aim of the study was to measure competency of teacher and its linkage with Job Engagement. Four competencies…show more content…
’Competency Management’ is HR activities aimed at optimizing the development and the use of employee competencies to increase individual and organizational effectiveness (Van Beirendonck, 1998). If Competency Mapping is successfully implemented and embedded can bring lot of advantages for the organization (Becker & Huselid, 1999). ‘Teaching competency’ is a professional expertise which a teacher posses and believed to be relevant to the successful teaching practices. Competencies required for teacher in higher educational sector are Academic Competency, Behavioral Competency, Professional Competency, Research Competency and Managerial…show more content…
These are grouped under Planning skills, Closure skills , Managerial skills, Presentation skills and Evaluation Skills. Ing. Katarína Krajcovicova, Ing. Milos cambal, CSc. (2012) defined managerial competency is assist to achieve both vision and mission in creation of values and improve performance and organizational development. Kanupriya M. Bakhru, Dr. Seema Sanghi, Dr. Y. Medury (2013) found fifteen management teaching competencies. They are Analytical & Problem Solving, Conceptual Thinking, Mental Skills, Communication Skills, Knowledge and information orientation, Emotion Handling & Persistence, Self Dependence & Confidence, Adaptability, Concern for Standard & Achievement, Being open & receptive, Panning & Organizing, Interpersonal Management, Impact & influence, Discipline & Delegation and Occupational Attachment & Organizational

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