Relationship Between Competency Mapping And Job Performance

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CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION Being competent means the ability to control and operate the things in the environment and the environment itself. L. Ron Hubbard 1.1Background of the study: Human Resource Management is a process of bringing people and management together in meeting out each other’s goals. In the world of business, service, health sector etc., it is very important for a management to use optimal resources like men, material, machine and money efficiently and diligently. On the resources, Manpower both technical and managerial is the most important resource for an organization, “Right person to the right job “is the slogan for every management during the recruitment process, Thus giving an important role to a manager to evaluate…show more content…
Competency mapping is required for employees as it makes the people understand and know about their respective roles, key competencies, gap between available skill standard and desired skill standard, organizations expectation for the present job, possible future role, and high performance…show more content…
According to his research, traditional academic aptitude and knowledge content tests seldom predict on-job performance. He went on to argue that the real predictors of job performance are a set of underlying personal characteristics or `competencies'. Hence, the history of competency can be traced in the early 1970s when industrial psychologists and human resource managers were seeking ways to predict job performance. There was a significant evidence to show that personality testing was very poor at predicting job performance (about 10 percent success rate was achievable). At the same time, a number of studies showed that traditional academic aptitude, knowledge tests, school grades and credentials did not predict job performance. (Evarts, 1988) defined competency as an underlying characteristic of a manager which causally relates to his/her superior performance in the job. According to (Jacobs ,1989), it is an observable skill or ability to complete a managerial task successfully. (Hornby and Thomas 1989) defined it as the ability to perform effectively the functions associated with management in a work situation. In the recent years, many meanings and new labels have evolved through common usage for the terms `competence' and `competency’,( Strebler et al., 1997). Usually, the term `competency' has been used to

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