QSEN Competencies In Nursing Education

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Unfortunately, at this moment, there is little improvement regarding the quality of patient care since the To Err Is Human report was published in 1999, by the Institute of Medicine (IOM, 1999). Presently, health care provider education should focus more on the demands on quality and safety. The beginning of Quality and Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN) was created to integrate quality and safety competencies in nursing education. For this reason, nursing schools should reinforce and focus on the competencies of QSEN, within the curricula of the baccalaureate programs.
Therefore, the researcher will study the perception of nursing students in the final year of the baccalaureate program about the six QSEN competencies. The research problem
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The impact is not only financial. It also produces consequences in the quality and safety of patient care. Health institutions and care providers should not continue to allow an increase in deaths due to medical errors.
This research project is aimed at nursing students of the final year focusing on the importance of incorporating into the students ' learning the rationing of quality and safe health care. There is a need to emphasize the integration of the six QSEN competencies that respond to knowledge, skill, and attitudes based on the objectives of the nursing curriculum throughout the country.
The proposed research conceivably contributes to solving the problem on providing the best quality and safety in academic practice focused on transforming the curriculum of the academies where research. This DNP Project will help integrate evidence-based practice into the perception that students have when cataloging the six QSEN competencies. Hence, this project will help implement other teaching strategies in theoretical and clinical courses and integrate QSEN competencies into the curriculum.
The research questions that this project will address
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However, the problem and purpose presented in this proposal focus on the six QSEN competencies. According to a report by the IOM, quality and safety is a current problem that must be addressed. Presently in Puerto Rico, it is necessary to know how to investigate in evidence-based practice how nursing programs are related to QSEN competencies in nursing students. This research will mark the continuity to be able to work with the situation presented by the nurses regarding quality and safety in healthcare
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