Lack Of Self Reflection

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Appendices 1, 2, 3 represent my improvement in the domain confidently applies [.....] during the last three years. While providing care to John, in my first year, I worked in partnership with John to be involved in his assessment and care planning process. Moreover, I empowered him to make a decision about his care. However, lack of sufficient knowledge about the most recent evidence limits my confidence in providing adequate information to John and this lack of confidence affected my competency in nursing practice. Youan et al (2012) suggest that student nurses often experience lack of self confidence and hesitation when faced with increased responsibility in patients care. Aveyard (2013) suggest that, in planning the nursing care and making…show more content…
Reflective practices as well as self awareness are very important for health care professional to develop their skills in providing high quality care (Bulman and Schultz, 2013). I was able to carry out nursing intervention for Anne effectively and provide sufficient health promotion advices. My academic work and the previous placements along with the self reflection enabled me to reinforce my knowledge and clinical skills, but more importantly, it developed my self confidence level. My efforts to seeking assistance and assessment of my skills enabled me to step up my skills to become more independent and I was able to confidently complete my nursing interventions for Anne. I was also able to provide the rationale for the nursing interventions that I offered to Anne and this helped to improve the effectiveness of my nursing practice. However, while reflecting back on the incident using Johns (1995) model, I realised that, due to the time pressure in the GP practice I was not able to take account of Anne’s values, beliefs, social and cultural context while providing health promotion advices. Moreover, my health promotion was just like information giving focused on her disease condition rather than empowering her to improve the overall quality of her life. Health promotion is increasingly important role to nursing…show more content…
During my first year while providing wound management care to David, an old man with leg ulcers, I was less competent in wound assessment and evaluation. As a beginner in practicing the aseptic techniques, my confidence in this skill was very limited. Wound assessment and the history collection are the two important steps in the wound management, as this helps the health care professionals to do the clinical judgement in deciding upon the appropriate interventions to address the issues (Flanagan, 2013). A holistic assessment of the patient will enable the health care professional to identify the potential barriers to healing process and inform the care plan (Benbow, 2016). By practicing more wound dressings under the supervision of my mentor and the reflective practices enabled me to develop my skills in doing wound assessment and management. Even though I developed my confidence, in my second year, I struggled with making the decision about the selection of suitable wound care materials. Therefore, in order to develop this, I made every effort to practice more dressings and it helped me to increase my knowledge about the wound care

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