Competency Model In The Workplace

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The demand for effective and competent employees continuously increases. As a result, job competencies become an integral part for quality service that covers the knowledge, skills, abilities, traits and behaviors that allow an individual to perform a task within a specific function or job (Shippman,, 2014).
In determining the impact of the quality of work that people do, a competency model is needed to organize a collection of observable skills, behaviors, and attitudes (“Competency Models - What Are They Anyhow and What’s the Big Deal? - St. Charles Consulting Group,” n.d. 2015). Ferry (2015) noted that with competency models, organization will have a greater alignment with business objectives, enhanced productivity, increased workforce
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These models align goals and talents of workers to make them successful in their work. The competency-model has been applied to an organization to build up for a job-role required in a particular job (OntoHRproject, 2010). Knowles (1975) use the following typology: Knowledge, Understanding, Skill, Attitude and Value. Civil Service Commission-Competency Model Building (2014) noted that knowledge, skills, abilities, traits and behavior become an integral part for quality service to perform a task. Iceberg Model gives emphasis on individual’s potential, knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) for successful performance (“Job Competencies - Bassett Unified School District - Personnel Commission,” n.d.…show more content…
The skill in counseling according to Dillon (2013) is a skill that needs to interpret both verbal and nonverbal communication. It includes ability to adhere to a timescale and avoiding disclosing personal information. It is consists of both skilled interpersonal communication and skilled intrapersonal mental processing. On the other hand, Report Writing includes knowledge on basics of good writing to improve the communication needs of the office. Thus Connelly (2010) explains that employees who are unable to write with confidence and conviction to send a message to customers, adequate service to the general public will not be delivered effectively and efficiently. Mayhew (2010) states that training supports the workplace, fits into the performance management system and impact on performance measurements. Documentation involves document drafting, formatting, submitting, reviewing, approving, distributing, repositioning and tracking,
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