Competency Personal Statement

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On the morning of October 8th 2005 i woke up to the sound of trophies and books falling off my bookshelf. I immediately looked at the ceiling fan to confirm that it was an earthquake. Suddenly the glass on my side table fell, and shattered on the floor. I held a pillow on top of my head and ran out of the room. The ground below my feet kept on shaking, with the tremors getting stronger with every passing second. I wondered if the house would fall apart and bury me alive? if it was the big one? has my time come? In my heart, i continued to pray. And then after what felt like a decade, the pounding on the ground started getting weaker. And finally the earthquake stopped. Only when I turned on the news was I able to comprehend the heart breaking,…show more content…
I am adaptable to any environment and willing to work hard to be an asset to your residency program. I am eager, dedicated and ready to go above and beyond the call of duty in pursuit of excellence. I am a passionate person devoted to helping and caring for others. As a medical student i always looked forward to interacting with patients and learning through hands on experience. During third year of medical school, clinical rotations opened a whole new world to me. I learned that besides clinical skills , building a good rapport with the patients was essential. Because, other than the knowledge of medicine, patients looked up to their physicians for empathy and support. This quality helped me develop a strong relationship with my patients through out my medical career. With limited resources in Pakistan I had to rely greatly on my own clinical expertise rather than expensive laboratory and radiological tests. And this has polished my clinical skills as a physician. I believe that combining my clinical aptitude with the resources available in your hospital would make me well suited for practicing and learning Medicine in the US. By applying my prior experience and knowledge in the hospital and clinics, I can immediately be a productive member of the medical team. Also, nearly one year of US clinical experience provided me with a strong training and educational foundation. It helped me familiarize myself to
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