Competency Screening Test

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In the case of Ms. Tyler, she appears to be experiencing the presence of delusions. Delusional disorder of the persecutory type is a psychiatric condition in which the patients experience delusions with thought and mood disorder. Delusions can also be experienced by a person with dementia or schizophrenia. The Brown Assessment of Beliefs Scale is a good assessment tool to measure delusionality (Phillips, 2013). Because delusions can be experienced by individuals with PTSD, additional screens may be helpful in Ms. Tyler’s case. The Childhood Family Functioning Scale is an assessment that measures the quality of relationships in family. This screen also evaluates the communication between relationship with family members, the health or state of relationship, as well as determining any conflicts between relationships. In addition to the Family Functioning Scale, the PTSD Checklist (PCL) will also be a reliable tool determine DSM-4 symptoms of PTSD such as avoidance, arousal, impairment in functioning, and…show more content…
Tyler’s loose associations thought process and education not meeting a high school diploma, it is only fair to evaluate her competency to stand trial. The Competency Screening Test (CST) will determine whether the individual can function well in their intended role in the case or proceedings. The CST screening tool involves using case scenarios where the defendant will write a response that will be rated on a 0-2 scale (Nicholson, 1991). Also, the Georgia Court Competency Test will assist in determining whether Ms. Tyler understands her physical position and functional role as well as the participant’s in court and their roles in the case. The Fitness Interview Test will determine Ms. Tyler’s understanding of legal terms and evaluate her competence in making a legal decision. These assessments should provide the information needed to determine any disorder Ms. Tyler may be experiencing or suffering from and assess her competence to stand

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