Competency Skill 9 Activities Analysis

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Going into my second week as an intern at the Department of Social Services, I begin to feel comfortable with different activities. One of the tasks completed this week was completing a Voucher Check Request Form for a client in need of purchasing a bicycle in order to have transportation back and forth to work. By completing this task, I was able to experience the process for requesting the materials clients need and finding the resources that are beneficial to his/her circumstances. Therefore, competency Skill 9 was experienced through the completion of this activity. This skill requires social workers to be able to proactively present client issues/needs in supervision. With the client needing transportation to work, Vanessa and I concluded…show more content…
After completing this activity, Vanessa was able to explain why it is important to fill out forms similar to the Voucher Check Request Form to their entirety and teach me the process for providing the needs of clients within the DSS agency. Another activity I had the opportunity of completing was sorting case files in the file room. Although this was an activity I repeated several times in the Fall 2016 semester, I noticed the difference in how both agencies handled their caseloads and the clients they serve. Completing this activity helped in improving my competency skill 3. This skill requires social workers to be able to Analyze models of assessment, prevention, intervention, and evaluation utilizes appropriate definitions and terminology. Therefore, I was able to strengthen this skill by analyzing assessments and intervention forms D.S.S. has placed in each client’s file within Vanessa’s caseload. By completing this task, I was able to understand the client’s better. Better in terms of knowing their background, the agency’s plan for intervention, medical status
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