Competency Standard 8: Self

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Competency Standard III To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance Functional Area 8: Self I provide an emotionally and physically safe and secure environment where the children can thrive and develop their sense of self. I greet each child by name, smiling and giving them one-on-one attention. I show the children that I respect them by acknowledging their feeling and helping them express those feelings appropriately. We follow a routine, and I discuss and explain when there will be a change or disruption to that schedule. Functional Area 9: Social I model positive social interactions for the children – with them, their parents, and other adults in the classroom. I encourage the children to ask for something they want that a friend may have, and I help them to accept when the friend is not ready to share. I stay ready to step in if necessary, to help solve problems when they arise. I reassure both children that their feelings will be respected, and aid them to develop respect for each other. Functional Area 10: Guidance I have developmentally appropriate expectations for the children’s behavior. I focus on positive guidance by encouraging positive behavior, an I redirect the children when…show more content…
I model appropriate behaviors, establish routines and simple rules in the classroom, speak positively with the children, understand that children may not be ready to share, and they need to explore and experiment with control and saying ‘no’. I realize that all children may show challenging behaviors – they are learning to control their bodies, and to control their emotions. I feel the most important aspect of positive guidance for challenging behavior is to build strong relationships with the children. These relationships allow me to know exactly what each child needs in terms of developing their social, emotional, and problem-solving skills, their self-regulation, and their

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