Competency Standards In Nursing

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National competency standards for registered nurses would contain the core of evaluating competency for registered nurses, which they should meet for professional standards, such as codes of conducts, code of ethics and standards for nursing practice, under the authority of carrying out nursing practise within Australia.
This essay will discuss why it is imperative to abiding the national competency standards and guidelines for the registered nurse by exampling the specific nurse, Elizabeth Kenny, from the Australian history and analysing the chosen nurse’s achievements and performances on specific field and would also discuss and evaluate the drawbacks of chosen nurse’s practices measure up against current nursing standards and would critically
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Kenny initiated her nursing career as a ‘bush nurse’ and travelled to patients who aren’t residing within the doctor’s treatment. When she dealt her first patient who has infantile paralysis, she implemented own treating methods by applying a steamed hot pack to relieve muscle pain and spasms, rather than using orthodox treatment which was involving immobilisation of the patient’s affected area, as no treatment or cure for the disease was available at that time. (Ellis, 2009) What make her method special is that this approach was whole new concept on dealing infantile paralysis as previous method was not considering any aspects of alleviating the pain of the patient, which should be a part of important area to take into account when assessing and treating the patient. In addition to that, she referred to as a trailblazer of the contemporary occupation for physiotherapy and developed the concept of rehabilitation as her management of poliomyelitis contains encouraging mobilisation of joints, active movement of injured area, compressions, and formentations in order to achieving the maintaining the functions of not affected
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