Competency Statements To Establish A Safe Environment

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Competency Statement 1: To establish a safe, healthy learning environment When you are an Early Childhood educator there are some key factors that you have to keep in mind: 1. Creating a safe environment and 2. Creating and instilling in your students and yourself a healthy environment. Safety to me is a very detrimental factor in Early Childhood, because when you deal with young children you always have to watch out for their well being as if they were your own. Those parents entrust you with the care of their most prized possession and expect the best from you as their guardian. Young children don’t always know or remember how to be safe, how to be healthy and how to look after their well being. The way that I look after my student’s…show more content…
When my room is in good sanitary condition, my students spread less bacteria around the room. I keep the room sanitized and healthy by making sure i wash my hands as i enter the room, and all those entering the classroom. By washing our hands upon entering, we are lessening the probabilities of bringing outside germs into the classroom. We also make sure that when our friends sneeze, they get a tissue then immediately wash their hands to keep them crispy clean. Upon entering children wash their hands and before and after each meal. When the teachers or the adults in the classroom are preparing the meals, first thing we do is wash our hands and then put our gloves on; so that we can use them as a barrier between the food and germs. Another way i keep my learning environment healthy is by, talking about healthy eating habits. Healthy eating habits is just as important as proper hand washing; it promotes healthy eating awareness at an early age. At our center we serve the children 3 nutritious meals and during the meal times we talk about what we are eating and it can be beneficial to us. Sure, some kids won’t like the food all the time, but that’s when I take advantage of talking to them about being adventurous and trying new things. We talk about being a cool kid and try new things, and if you don’t like it: it’s ok. When someone
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