Competition In The Airline Industry

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This report is about the American airlines industry and its market share, competition, and including the future prospect of the United States of America. The airline industry is a large growing in transportation industry, and it has contributed to consumer’s lifestyle, and has the most impact on traveling culture, and improves quality of customer’s life by broadening people’s leisure and cultural experiences. Air travel also provides a lot of advantages to tourists who love to travel to many places for either vacation or business trip, and airline is only a transportation that provides convenient, comfortable, and faster for travellers to search their destinations (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014).

Recently, many
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Joint Ventures will play a massive role in the coming future. This may also lead to active competition to target international growth But with competition increasing day by day, steady efficiency by becoming a ‘connected airline’ can help the airlines all around the world navigate the geographical areas and have a better knowledge of the landscapes and always be in front of another. The report expects the low cost carriers have a better chance to come up and develop in western markets. This model will grow more adhesion in Asia as target near developing markets in the region. Middle East carriers are possibly going to be a big competitive peril on international levels (Price Water Cooper,…show more content…
This is because, the airlines have various products and services to offer. Such products and services are often aimed towards consumer satisfaction and for providing them with the quality often related with an airline standard. Services such as providing the consumers the opportunity to hold ‘Mileage Business Cards’ where- the more loyal a consumer is towards the specific airline, the more gift cards he/she can obtain. Some airlines such as the US Airways provide their travellers with the chance to get a VIP baggage delivery service. Also, the opportunity to be part of the clubs and lounges can act as an incentive for the travellers (, n.d.).
There are a number of airline companies in the United States of America. The companies such as AirTran Airways, Alaska Air Group, American Eagle Airlines, Comair, Continental Airlines, etc. are just a small list of the many Airlines in the U.S. Top airline companies such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, FedEx Express, etc. face a lot of competition from domestic airline companies as well as Airline companies such Emirates, Air India, Lufthansa, etc. Such competition raises the standard of the quality of products and service (,

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