Hotels Competitive Advantage In The Salty Industry

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Part 1: Introductory Part Introduction Background
“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete” (Welch, 2014) the sentence of one of the world famous manager, represents the idea of the whole situation in the market. From year to year trends are changing. They are depending on the different factors mostly on the economical, technological, political (Robert Rauch, 2013).The biggest rivalry is easily seen in accommodation market. There are several types of lodges, the location of them is different, however the most common and significant factor is service and product which lodge can provide in the adequate price.
Historically, it was just enough to offer the shelter for the travellers, always someone will use it because there
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Problem discussion

Hotel industry is one of the part of all services, and the trend depict that is still growing all over the world. The information can be support by the fact that the value of the GDP is almost 2/3 globally (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2010). Services are economic activities offered by one party to another in exchange of money, time and effort. (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2010).
Hotel industry is developing in some trends and it is accompanied by the theme and process. One of them is the unique customer experience which can create the competitive advantage.
The competitive advantage is related and linked with stakeholders. (Grant, 2010)
A stakeholder is a group or an individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization’s objectives (Werther & Chandler, 2010). They include
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This method was chosen because of the fact that majority of information about the accommodation sector is found in the Internet and books. After describing the market situation I was able to analyze the customer’s current trend and the future one. Furthermore, the analysis shows the challenges and benefits for the hotels which are located in the salty environments. The project closes with a comprehensive conclusion together with suggestions for enhancements. Delimitation

Time Time to make field research Only hotels On the base for only some salted environments


The main source of information and data used in projects is the Internet. The information used in this report are from different sources like: books, documents and reports. However the data can be biased due to the fact that anyone who posting that or editing does not have to be correct. The selection of the authors was strictly connected to the business area of marketing and hospitality industry for a better understanding of the topic. Furthermore, some of the articles used in the project have been taken from books published in 2010 so the data might have changed slightly.

Part 2: Study Part


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