Competitive Advantage Organizational Culture

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Wang and Ahmed (2007) the reviews of the effects of dynamic capabilities should be achieving sustainable advantage. However, in the ever changing environment, the ability and preservation of competitive advantage is rather complicated. Therefore, rather than sustainable advantage, some research propose to get a series of short-term advantages (D 'Aveni et al., 2010). Based from the literature, this study need to know how is dynamic capabilities and organizational culture can sustain of competitive advantage and performance in agriculture cooperatives to continuously provide satisfying products or services for customers better than competitors. Through a strategic management, firms may gain competitive advantage in a certain time. Nevertheless,…show more content…
A consistent organizational culture can develop a conducive environment, which in turn can develop a successful organization and critical in developing the confidence and trust of people in the group (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Define of competitive advantage as a company’s competencies to make strategic plann that cannot match with competitor. A organizational culture as driver to supports and development of people with the precondition ability and competencies needed to get the job done. Venture to encaurage competitive advantage is to continuously encaurage individuals to improve new advantages Successes and failures of an organization depends on the level and purposes of the value created by the organizational culture. If organizational culture in the firm is totally consistent in their system of paying attention to operating efficiency and encouraging subordinates to be creative, the organizations can gain an edge against its competitors (Thompson, Strickland & Gamble, 2005). For the example, emphasize that companies get great market positions because of the low cost advantages they have achieved over their compete and their consistent ability to under price their competitors. Based on the design of the organizational culture is considered important, value work and change culture stability the interest of all stake holders mention the role in maintaining an organizational culture that drive learning and competitive advantage. From empirical literatures ,we propose the following
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