Competitive Advantage Of E-Business

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In the 21st century knowledge age, business thrived during the previous century are having a hard time keeping themselves relevant with IT savvy customers and abundant cutting edges technologies available. It is important for every business to catch the trend of investing in information systems and/or venturing into new area of E-Business because every competitor in the respective market has trying their best to taking advantage of information technologies and win over competitors. But it is extremely important to make sure the business has invested in a project with a right trend and right use of technologies. In this paper, this student wish to discuss how a traditional printing and publishing company he is working in have adapted itself to stay relevant and taking competitive advantage over its competitors. Here in this assignment, the student will highlight how the information technologies and internet can help to gain competitive advantage for his current employer Marshall Cavendish Education Pte. Ltd (MC…show more content…
The materials MC Education published have consistently been approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Education since the 1980s. MC Education published Primary Mathematics, Singapore’s first and only primary mathematics textbook series used from 1982 to 2001. Today, MC Education is the leading publisher of K–12 educational materials (K-12 stands for Kindergarten to Grade 12), used by most public schools in Singapore. Here are some of MCE published series of titles: ‘My Pals are Here!’, ‘iScience’ and ‘Math in Focus’ and so forth. Since the 1980’s, MC Education has extended its reach beyond Singapore’s shores. The materials have been approved and endorsed by education ministries in various regions including South East Asia, South Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and the Caribbean (,
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