Case Study Of Fendi

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Fendi was started after Edoardo and Adele Fendi married, they open a boutique that sold leather good and fur workshop. It is the post-war period, which the middle class trying all sorts of ways to recover. Because of the historical and the background the shop is an immediate achievement (Fashion, 2013).
Edoardo and Adele Fendi had five daughters, all five of them began working in the shop as early as age between fifteen to eighteen. Each of them taking different responsibilities in the shop as required. In 1997, Fendi began to make a series of handbags that became a cult object. The popular will be the Fendi “Baguette” inspired from the shape of French bread, and created by Silvia Venturini Fendi (Simona). Now Fendi is the biggest
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The framework below has shown how Fendi maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.
Social media could make a huge impact on the branding. Nowadays, consumers would discuss the brand product or store on the social platform likes Facebook, twitter and many other platforms. Fendi took this opportunity to use Drone Cam on their fashion show for live streaming. It was an advantage for them as they were the first company in the world to use it on the fashion show. The Drone Cam will be swopping above models’ heads as they walk down the runway (Marriott, 2014). It will be streamed live on Fendi’s website and social media, it allows Fendi fans an opportunity to see the show live.
Fendi was the specialist of the furs as the demand of the Furs had been staying strong. All not Fendi competitors possess such material, it made them rarity in the industries. Fendi were the pioneer company in Russia because Russia women loved Fendi Furs. Designers of Fendi's use the fur to the extends beyond coats, jackets and accessories that have become important. Fur often paired with everything from headdress to evening gowns. Because of their rarity, Fendi sold a lot of fur
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Since taking over the corporation less than a year, he has rebranding and improved its luxury position to a new level, higher than LVMH and any fashion brands. Besides that, he helps to expand consumer target and boosting desirability. Since arriving at the company, Pietro Beccari has formed a small group with top designers and took part in the day to day operations (Cpp, 2013). Through his contribution and leadership, Fendi has improved a lot. Pietro Beccari visions were the assets of the company as these were non substitutable. They also proved to their competitors, they are the top brand in the fashion
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