Competitive Advantage Of Samsung

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Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd is a South Korean multinational company that produces consumer electronics which is one of their major areas of operation (Samsung, 2014). It was top listed as the world’s largest smartphone maker where sales increased by 17% in 2013 whereas profits recorded last year topped up over $27 billion. The company has offices in 79 countries and over 60,000 employees dedicated towards improving technologies (Samsung Profile, 2013). Unhappily, the company had to face high competition on their best offering product which was the smart phone as a result of the establishment of Apple’s IPhone as well as cheaper device makers from China. This essay is based on how Samsung Electronics achieves the global competitive advantage based on the Star Analysis frame work.

Samsung was founded in 1938 and started its operations in South Korea. Porter’s Diamond Model developed by Michael Porter is a model that helps to analyze and improve a nation 's role in a globally competitive field (Dagmar, 2001).

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South Korea plans to boost public spending by more than $7bn this year (Song, 2012) Hence, Japan’s ranking took a hit because of lower scores on the education index compared to South Korea in Human Development Rankings (Yoko, 2014) which clearly shows an improvement of the standard of living of domestic consumers where demand conditions will improve. In addition, South Korea is the world’s seventh
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