Salon's Competitive Advantage

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According to the textbook, business strategy is defined as a long term leadership plan of action that is designed to achieve a particular set of goals or objectives. Strategy is a management 's game plan for strengthening their performance. It states how a business should be conducted to achieve the desired goals. For example, developing new products or services, entering a new market, increasing customer loyalty, attracting new customers and increasing sales.
First and foremost, Multimedia Salon Sdn. Bhd. should identify their competitive advantage within the industry. There will be a competitive advantage when a customer place a greater value on the company’s product or service rather than the competitor’s. On the other hand, companies can create a database management system to enhance managers and staff’s involvement in the company. The four competitive
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The company should provide training to manager to enhance his knowledge, employee skills and abilities to make decisions and take action. Improving employees’ knowledge means a commitment to training and development especially to the salon company. The staffs is required to have skill to perform their work. Besides training for manager, the company also need to provide engagement awareness training for all levels of staffs to explain the importance of involvement, the benefits of high levels of involvement, and the barriers to involvement. Therefore, implementing worker involvement programs such as training is also one way to promote engagement.
Last but not least, the company should carry out a full review of communication to develop strategies that serve to enhance staff engagement, such as coverage of employee awards events, recognition stories and employee achievements. This is also one business strategy to enhance manager and staffs

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