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Strategic Issue 2-Lack of Competitive Advantage What is the issue? Quik Chik does not have a sustained competitive advantage to beat its competitors. Even though it has any, it has failed to properly utilize it to differentiate itself from the rest of competitors. Why is the issue? This issue is because of the lack of unique resources and distinctive capabilities which would help Quik Chik to develop a sustained competitive advantage. Solution 1 Quik Chik should develop unique resources in terms of financial, physical or intangible. It should work to build its strong brand image and associate brand resonance with its customers. It should work on its human capital by giving challenges, daily tasks, monthly check lists of assigned duties etc.…show more content…
The upper management of Quik Chik should implement solution 1 to make changes in the existing organizational culture and develop internal strengths while the middle management should implement solution 2 immediately so that Quik Chik can quickly create a differentiation in consumers’ mind than the competitors. By the immediate application of solution 2, Quik Chik will gain a competitive advantage for the time being and by using solution 1, it would develop and create unique resources and distinctive capabilities which would ultimately provide Quik Chik a ‘sustainable’ competitive advantage in the long run. Strategic Issue 3 What is the issue? The HR system of Quik Chik is very weak. Employees are not satisfied with the management. Why is the issue? This issue is because of lack of proper HR policy and due to absence of effective management teams. Recommended…show more content…
It is very important to make realize to your workers that they don’t just work but own the place where they are working. To make your employees feel valued, it is very important that Quik Chik value their opinions, give them freedom to share their ideas or any positive and negative feedback. If the opinions and ideas of employees are listened than that keeps them motivated to work more efficiently. In a fast food restaurant, your employees are very important. As it makes difference if your employee serves food with smile or with sad face. Such small things can make a difference. If customers are not treated well, they will never come back and it will also lead to negative word of mouth. Apart from that management team of Quik Chik should also provide constructive feedback to employees. Different incentives can be instituted by Quik Chik, as for instance employee of the month. The employee who shows exceptional performance can be provided with certificate and free meal for one day with family etc. Quik Chik can increase the salary of employees who perform better after certain time to motivate them to work harder in future. It is important to encourage a feeling of teamwork and cooperation among the staff. Regardless of whether you're in a management position, contribute to the little tasks to demonstrate your dedication. Become more acquainted

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