TED Case Study Summary

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Task environments are a collection of factors such as consumers, competitors, suppliers, and distributors which affect the ability of an organization to achieve its goals. For instance, Technology Environment Design, also known as TED, is a series of global seminars established 1984 by Architect and Graphic Designer Richard Saul Wurman (TED 2017a). TED operates all around the world in over a hundred different languages and its main conference held in Vancouver. TED objectively is to sharing valuable concepts about the variety of genres all over the world. However, unlike other organization, TED distributors are diverse and unlimited, such as publisher, bookstore, the university as well as their main distributor platform the internet. This summary will focus on describing how distributor, specifically internet distributors affected TED itself at the same time how it is able to impact…show more content…
For example, there is a difference in video quality on facebook as compared to YouTube. The quality of videos can also be impacted by the information provided in the videos uploaded by distributors may not have been approved by TED. Not all the videos on TED YouTube channel can be found on the official TED website. TED videos started gaining more views after they collaborated with YouTube. In the case where YouTube decide to withdraw its partnership with TED, TED will lose a significant platform for customers to view their videos. As TED produces lots of videos, many people will assume that their YouTube channel is the official distributor and some do not realize that the videos can also be viewed on TED website. As online platform allows customers to provide instant feedback to TED, they are able to easily collect feedbacks and work towards improving their speakers, contents or video quality etc. In conclusion, Very good at what they do Arguably monopolize the
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