Competitive Advantages Of Volkswagen

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Competitive advantage – Volkswagen has created a unique product portfolio that makes individually something that people can be experienced with. With technological innovations, it’s advanced and efficient engine technologies such as a dynamic diesel concept, tdi, 3 litre cars and a direct shift gearbox. Volkswagen has demonstrated from earlier on, far sighted and awareness of the environment in a strategy that makes Volkswagen a market leader in Europe, a market that has far long been saturated. This strategy also has a future in a dynamic new market. Once again offering Volkswagen the opportunity for setting up new standards, by this we mean the emerging markets such as India, China and Russia. It’s hugely dynamic, hugely optimistic and with a great growth potential. Their biggest challenge is to cater for a very fast growth and a hunger for mobility in a way that is ecologically acceptable in our society. It presents Volkswagen with an opportunity to be the most innovative volume carmaker while acting responsibility for future generations and making it quality accessible to many people to an attractive price performance policy. Decisive arguments for people in these markets are intrinsic value, reliability and German engineering technological leadership. It not about Luxury cars or cheap cars but cars that need people’s increasingly requirements in the established and the emerging market. With the ambition to set standards and take responsibility, Volkswagen can achieve
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