Competitive Analysis: Petsmart And Petco

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The competitive analysis is based on two competitors that are ranked fairly high overall pet grooming. PetSmart and Petco offer devoted associates which are trained and enjoy interaction with all animals. A typical day spent at these two places I observed customers are interested in learning further about their precious pets. PetSmart is focused mainly on product sales than the grooming industry. Where Petco provides a friendly atmosphere, however there is a large number of employee turnover. As soon as the furry baby of the family is familiar with an individual, they return to meet new associates. Although entering the store, the customers were greeted by the staff and already feel close to home where each and every one is having an…show more content…
The quality of grooming service is exceptional, however, there has been a few customer service negativities noticed by the customers. Petco’s functional positioning is good. Petco is a direct threat to my business if they could improve employee status within their organization. PetSmart strategic position relies on their bulk product pricing and less focus on grooming services.
Pawsitively Blissful will provide the best comfort to the pets during their grooming experience, whether they visit my establishment or I visit my furry friend in their environment. My overall goal is to position my pet grooming services as the leading pet service industry in the Lehigh Valley. Combining my training skills with existing knowledge of pet care and grooming, I will create a loving and respectful relationship with anyone’s pet.
PetSmart has become a well-known store with pet perks, not to mention their concentration in bulk product sales. Although this might be true, many pets are stressed due to the inefficiencies in the area of grooming. PetSmart’s focus on the pet owners to help the pets by living longer, healthier lives by products such as dog food, beds, and chew toys rather than promoting healthier skin and
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In other words, the customer’s core needs are more than brushing the animal’s fur, specifically when using the right shampoo that matches the animal’s skin type, such as hot spots or tear free shampoo. When trimming the pet’s nails, it is important to utilize proper techniques and tools. Although, one of the valuable needs are often overlooked and attention to detail is important, which is the proper ear cleaning, as waste can adhere to places and become painful (The Spruce). The customer’s perceived need leads a lifestyle in which the pets play a huge part by the owners treating their animals as their “children.” Pet owner’s major frustration is the need to find a pet groomer they could make use of without the stress their beloved pet could be

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