The Importance Of Competitive Dynamics

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Competitive Dynamics is a management consulting firm that specializes in the analysis, design, alignment, implementation, and sustainability of proven best practice work management processes. Many of the functional areas we engage include but are not limited to the following: Operations, Maintenance, Engineering & Projects, Capital Construction, Turnarounds, and Supply Chain. Competitive Dynamics brings over 25 years of proven operations, maintenance, and capital construction work process improvements, behavioral change management, industry best practices, daily/weekly work management tools and process measures, and objective, individual field coaching for managers and supervisors in electrical utility, oil and gas production, refining, pipelines,…show more content…
Our consultants have over 20 years of experience working with our clients adapting and applying Work Processes and Best Practices to the unique environments of each client site. Competitive Dynamics consultants are experts in providing objective work activity observations, providing feedback for corrective action, building consensus, identifying and removing barriers, functional skills training and behavioral field coaching, implementing key process measures, and providing cash positive results within the term of an engagement. Most importantly, we make the Work Process work, yielding sustainable results to our clients’ bottom…show more content…
Competitive Dynamics proven methodology synchronizes the functional elements of the improved work process with the behavioral costs/benefits that enables organizational change. Our implementation methodology utilizes a combination of coaching methods, tools, process indicators and an open communication environment to remove behavioral barriers to acceptance, belief, and ultimately organizational leadership. Our goal is to assist our clients through the change management process, resulting in shared success, reinforced by an individual sense of purpose, control and empowerment. Our consultants provide a dedicated, objective resource for facilitating work process knowledge, developing work management skills and tools, individual proficiencies, and behavioral reinforcement. All of our engagements leverage the consultants’ expertise to provide objective observations, identify and quantify functional work process barriers, align individual behaviors to properly apply the work process consistently, provide neutral feedback for managing key interfaces, recommend corrective actions, and reinforce individual benefits with practical, real-time
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