Persuasive Essay On Pokemon

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Calvin LaRue
Period 2

Competitive Pokemon is for Everyone. Pokemon, something commonly considered only for adolescents and children, is a game that holds enjoyment that anyone can take part of no matter what age. Many people think of a children’s game whenever they hear “Pokemon,” but I believe that no one should judge a book by its cover. The game itself is very complex and takes a decent amount of knowledge to be successful. No matter how mature you are, there is no reason not to try something new. When you actually play the game you find out about the math behind it which includes, stats, moves, and random chances. Even after all of that, the game still has more to offer since it is a good way to pass time when bored, or people can play competitively; however, Pokemon was never meant to be played competitively because of how random everything is. Ironically, due to how random it is, it is a really fun game to play competitively. People also play the game to meet new friends and sharing experiences with all of your friends.

Pokemon is a filled with mind games, math
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When starting a double battle you have a team preview of their team, only what’s on it, does not tell you items or move sets. The team preview shows 6 Pokemon, but in single battles you can only bring 3, doubles 4, and triples you can bring all 6. The start of the match could determine the outcome of the game because your opponent can lead with the perfect counter to your team type wise or they can lead with just the opposite. Once you've passed the first obstacle of the team preview you come across the second, which is what is your opponent going to use against you. You have to make a prediction of if he’s going to set up with stat boosting moves or if he’s going to attack you. Decisions like this happen every turn, there aren’t any breaks in a
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