Competitive Market Analysis Of Colgate Palmolive

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Competitive Market Analysis The competitive market for Colgate Palmolive is nothing short of big. The company has a lot of other businesses that are always in competition with them. A couple examples of the top ones are The Clorox Company, Kimberly- Clark Corporation, and The Procter & Gamble Company. Every company in the world has weaknesses that can be improved upon, but it is the strengths that could separate a strong and successful company from an average one. The Clorox Company is among one of the top world leaders in household cleaning products reaching far beyond bleach. Its vast portfolio in products touches on sauces and dressings, plastic wrap, cat litters, and filtration systems. The reason why this company is so successful and productive is because they focus on making everyday life better. They have such a variety of products that allow for individuals to feel comfortable and healthy. Some strengths The Clorox Company has is that they donate disinfecting products that address epidemics and support a program that provides safe drinking water in Peru. They also offer grants to help youth development and education to enhance the thriving of communities. We feel that with our new product could shake things up in the market because we are also out to make home-life easier for people, and offer special opportunities with the Smart Brush. Another strong competitor is the Kimberly- Clark Corporation. Their values have dated back over 140 years. The values of

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