Competitive Positioning Of Walmart

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What is the competitive positioning of this organization ? Justify your answer.

Since Walmart is a very successful retailing company in the world, there is no much problem to be faced in open / set up business in Kazakhstan. With the population of 17,061,704 people in this country (by 2015) with the supports of increasing number of retails consumers, the possibility of Walmart to increase its sales (profit) is very high.

In competitors segmentation, there are not many retailing businesses opened here as the modern grocery retailing was still underdeveloped. With a small number of strong and stable players, it may not affect the operations of Walmart significantly. However, there is a huge retailing company in this country which may become the strongest competitor for Walmart. Magnum Cash&Carry is very familiar with the people of Kazakhstan. It had led the grocery retailers in 2015 and they have opened its 11th store in Kazakhstan during the year. In addition, Magnum Cash&Carry won the award of National Champion in the field of retailing, which was assigned by the Council of Competiveness Atameken.

Customer / Consumer
All products sells at Walmart are referring to the suitability of the consumer. This includes the specific groups, genders, and ages.

Competitive Analysis

STRENGTHS Walmart have good management and strong financial to open its business in Kazakhstan. It has a reputation for value of money, convenience and a wide range of products all in

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