Swot Analysis Of Grand Cinema

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Business Analysis
Competitive Strategy
Competitive strategy is another way to support the company to gain a competitive advantage, advantage in competition between the company and the competitors, over its competitors. This strategy was presented by Michael E. Porter. He said that there are only two main strategies, Differentiation and Cost Leadership. Later on, those companies also have to choose its target market, which are Cost Focus and Differentiation Focus. Due to these strategies, two of them can be matched to the Grand Cinema’s current situation.
Differentiation Strategy
Instead of rerunning those Thai traditional and historical movies, the Grand Cinema can apply the technology in this time to improve, decorate and make the cinema
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The box office staff will concurrently check both promotions.
2. The first promotion is gift voucher; box office staff check the amount of transaction if it is the first gen transactions of the day then check whether that those tickets were bought before 10 a.m. or not.
3. If the tickets were bought before 10 a.m. the box office staff will give a gift voucher to customer.
4. Another promotion is combo set, box office staff check the transaction that if it was proceeded with every couple seats then give customer a snack set for each couple seat.
Member Registration sub-process
This process is created for the member registration activity which supports the membership management system that the consultant introduced to the company.
1. The cinema counter’s staff prepares online member registration form and offer it to customer who want to be Grand Cinema member by customer can do that form at cinema registration counter via Grand Cinema website.
2. The customers receive that form, fill their information in the form, and submit it to the cinema counter’s staff.
3. The cinema counter’s staff receives accomplished form from the customers.
4. The cinema counter’s staff retrieves customer information into ERP
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The cinema counter’s staff prints the member registration invoice and gives it to the customer.
7. The customer pay member registration fee to the cinema counter’s staff.
8. After the cinema counter’s staff gain money, he or she issue member card to the customer.
9. The customer obtains member card.
Survey sub-process
The new sub-process which is implemented to improve promotion that the Grand Cinema will give the discount coupon to customers who do the survey. After sending the survey to collect customer feedbacks, the Grand Cinema will later get the information that can be used to estimate customer preferences from the survey. The way that the Grand Cinema keeps sending news to maintain relationship with its customers can be counted as Customer Relationship Management(CRM).
1. The office staff updates cinema’s weekly news in the beginning of the week and updates/prepares survey in the beginning of the month.
2. Then, send survey and news to customers by ERP system.
3. The customers receive survey and news and do the survey for discount.
4. After the customers finish survey and submit it into the ERP system, customer will gain the discount.
5. The ERP system receives survey and analyze it to be the information for using to create movie schedule or
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