Competitive Strategy Of Lenovo

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Competitive strategy is a suit of methods and action sequence deliberately planned and put into place by companies in the face of market competition. This seems to be a clear way of keeping their market shares, expanding sales and managing the product lines to deliver desired results. The corporate world often needs some sorts of solid strategies considering the trends of the market competition. Beyond the issues of quality and distribution, companies often need to plan ahead and protect their market share in the sale. Particularly, the companies which function in the production and distribution of goods which come in a wide variety of supply in the market where technology becomes a critical driving force and a major concern is the fact that the market seems to depend on the internal and external business factors which may change rapidly as tides move and the market forces come into play. (Miles, R. E. and Snow C. C. 2015). In this case of Lenovo company, Lenovo which has been rated the third largest world brand in the desktop and laptop personal computers being led ultimately by Dell and next to Dell being HP as the second place world supplier of these corporately demanded items. The concept of strategic management is of a major concern to huge enterprises in international business management as it often tells the ultimate fate of a firm regardless of its current market place. After all, some brands have fallen off the ways and some others have surged up almost overnight.

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