Competitive Strategy Of Uber

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Uber, an international transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Uber is currently available in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide. Its primary business is based on aggregator model and establishes a link between the customers and the cab drivers through use of an app. Uber launched its India operations in 2013 and is based out of Bangalore. Uber’s network in India is one of the largest outside US, However, Uber’s growth in Asian countries including India hasn’t been easy. Locally grown competitors like Ola Cabs hold a much larger share in India. Other factors like variations in laws and regulations related to transportation/radio cabs across different countries, cultural factors, economics of public transport, etc. are also affecting the international expansion of Uber. Under this project we have focused on the below- mentioned issues in an attempt to understand the Uber Story in entirety. The project is also an attempt to apply concepts learned in the Competitive Strategy course to a real company and see what works and what doesn’t. The issues being focused on are as follows: 1. Cab industry in India 2. Strategy for Uber in Asian markets such as India 3. Ola- The albatross around Uber’s neck: The race for market share in India 4. Challenges faced in India 5. Sustainability of the Uber model CAB INDUSTRY ANALYSIS IN INDIA Threat from new entrants (High) Other cab companies such as Ola cabs, Meru cabs, Taxi

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