Competitiveness In Jennifer Pozner's Reality TV Show

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In today’s culture, competitiveness seems to be ingrained in much of our society. We are often prompted to compete in the work force for promotions, we are prompted to compete with other students for admission into a prestigious college, and we are prompted to compete when playing a sport. This type of competition is usually healthy, there isn’t any sabotaging or unjust action. The reality TV show, The Bachelor, sets a bad moral example for women by sending out messages about elimination and vicious competition between one another for a man’s attention and affection. We deem these shows as ridiculous, but the truth is the producers are only reflecting our dysfunctional society.
The premise of the popular TV series revolves around a young,
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In the book titled, Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV, journalist and media critic Jennifer Pozner writes, “Once reality TV lays the groundwork of jealousy and insecurity by telling women that they can never physically measure up to an endless parade of younger, skinnier, sexier, feminine rivals, producers are better able to convince women and girls that every other female is their natural adversary” (98). Right off the bat the bachelor makes his decisions merely based on looks alone. On the first night of the show, if he likes what he sees when each woman steps out of the limo then she gets a rose at the rose ceremony. She’s expected to dress in a lavish gown and present herself in a more memorable way than the girl before her. For example, Joelle “JoJo”, a contestant on the current season, stepped out of the limo wearing an obnoxious unicorn mask just to get noticed (season 20, ep. 1). Or how about Tiara who is a self-proclaimed chicken-enthusiast. Another woman wore a giant hat that resembled the first impression rose she hoped the bachelor would give her. If that’s not a desperate cry for attention then I don’t know what is. Believe it or not that isn’t the boldest first impression one of the women made that night. Lace went as far as making the first move and kissing the bachelor the first time they met (season 20, ep. 1). It’s as if these women have no boundaries. This is consistent with society’s shallow tendency to value physical appearance more than character or personality. These women acting out sends out a message that being yourself simply isn’t enough and that one must rival for
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