Competitiveness In The Scarlet Letter

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Every person has a scarlet letter whether they know or not. This scarlet letter represents us, good or bad, it is apart of us. Many people today in our culture label each other with these characteristics. The characteristic that I chose for myself is Competitiveness. Competitiveness is having a strong desire to compete or succeed. When I lived in Louisiana, our school had a farewell ceremony to all eighth graders. In the ceremony, I was named Mr. Athletic and the most competitive. The letter represents my personality because I am always challenging myself to do better in everything I do. My sister and I always race around the house and see who can get our chores done faster. I believe this label is good because it makes me push myself harder in everything I do in life whether football, school, or around the house. I would not trade my will to win for any other characteristic because this is how God wired me. He wired me to be a warrior for him and …show more content…

Many cases of judgment are simplified out of jealousy. Many people label people because of their behavior on or off the field. I believe people label as competitive because I surround myself with people on the same mission as me: to win a state championship. I believe in our society that we label people with one word is because when you use a single word, you are reducing them to a one-dimensional artifact of the profound person they really are. Competitiveness is rare in our human nature today. Many people wait for things to come to them, instead of going after their goals with everything they have. Many of my life experiences recently, I have given my all in every snap, every day, and in everything. Hawthorne’s transcendentalist views are evident through his characters in The Scarlet Letter. My views are opposite from him, in that we need to live our lives no matter our past, and try our hardest every day to achieve our

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