Competitor Analysis Of Ducati

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Ducati is one of the biggest producers in the motorcycle industry because of its excellent customer service and high product quality. However, in order to maintain their position as one of the market leaders, they need to keep improving their business. One effective way of finding out which areas to improve upon is conducting a competitor analysis. A competitor analysis is the process of obtaining useful information about competitors which allows a company to gain a competitive advantage by predicting future competitor behaviors. Ducati, being one of the most dominant motorcycle producers, will have a lot of competitors fighting for customers and market share. The competitors of Ducati can be divided into three regions that operate in the UAE market which are: American, Japanese, and European. The biggest manufacturing competitor of the American region is the Harley Davidson. In the European Region, the main competitors in the UAE market are BMW. Finally, the competitors in the Japanese market are: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. In addition, the Japanese competitors are part of the superbike market. Harley-Davidson was orginated in the American region, but now they sell products all over the world including the United Arab Emirates. As a company, Harley-davidson aims to: lead in every market, grow sales at a faster rate, and grow motorcycling. In the United Arab Emirates, they have a few showrooms that sell a variety of different motorbikes that range from 38,900

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