Competitor Analysis Of Instant Noodles

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1. Research Problem

Project description
Title: Consumer behaviour and competitor analysis of Instant Noodles category for Cochin Market
The marketing research project needs to cover consumer preferences, current buying behaviour, key influencers, usage/consumption pattern, preferred flavours, pack sizes and pricing analysis
These factors need to be analysed for below mentioned aspects –
1. Age group – men/women between age 17-25 years (unmarried and married without kids) – (30% of the sample size), married individuals above 25 years (70% - sample size)
2. SEC – A, B & C
3. Sample size – 100 of each category
In addition to the above retailer preferences, margins, scheme detail, current demand pattern, market share of competitors from retailer’s perspective need to be studied. Kids between 6yrs to 12yrs need to be separately analysed – 50 samples.
And finally competitor analysis – market share detail (share of shelf), variant share, pricing strategy, packaging pattern and its share, key USP of each brand, positioning in the market ad recall
Research Questions
This research would be focusing on finding answers to the following problems:

• What are the reasons why customers buy instant noodles?
• What are the customer preferences for choice of a brand?
• What are the retailer preferences when choosing products
• What can be the price points for the new product?
Area of possible outputs

Since the project involves making recommendations for the launch of a new

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